About Art

The appearance of utilitarian objects is dictated by function. In art, appearance is the function.

Ernest has been painting for over 30 years in the Washington, D.C. area. His work shows inspiration from his personal travels in areas as far reaching as the Andes of South America and the ruins of Mexico to the city streets of Kyoto, Japan, of Southern France and of Rome and Florence, Italy. His skilled hand does not just look abroad however, as he has also painted scenes of small town and rural America in its truest form.

Going by Ernie, he has lived and worked for over 50 years as an ever-current presence in the art world of both Northern VA and Southern MD. His work has hung in galleries, special exhibits, and local businesses, and adorns the walls of homes throughout the US.

Working in oils and acrylics, one critic declared that “Ernest’s art looks how a place feels, it transports you to a sensory experience, that is, standing in front of a mountain range, or feeling the sun on a Cuzco street.” We couldn’t agree more. We hope you enjoy his art and reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

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