*True color and detail are not fully captured in photographs


5 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. did he do a painting titled “Late Afternoon” ? On the back of this unusual work someone wrote Late Afternoon by Sinnes. I presume it might be Ernest A Sinnes. Can you shed some light on this for me. Thank you. Bob Gibson


      1. Great to hear from you Ernie, The size of the work is 12″ X 15″ and the content depicted shows a large tree on the right and set around a park like setting with green growth below that could be grass. The images are quite muted and it has a mystical feel. I could take a photo of it but there is not any email address listed for you. Thank you for this reply. Hopefully we can get somewhere with this Cheers Bob.


      2. Hi Bob,
        The subject matter seems appropriate, but the size is something I cannot remember. There are other Sinneses! That does sound like one of my paintings though.
        My e-mail should be on the website under “Contact” now. It’s


      3. Great to hear from you Ernie, and I did use your email address to send that photo I took on my I Pad. The images in the rendering are quite muted, and placing the work in different lighting helps bring the images forward. I did not know there were others with your same Surname, that were also artists. Let me know if you can shed more light on this lovely piece of Art.


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